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14 June 2009 @ 05:24 pm
Makeup Tutorial: in drawings!  

I decided to start from an actual pic in which my eye shape could be drawn out with photoshop, I didn't made any type of modifications to the actual shape whatsoever so results in your own eyes should turn out very accurate. I have very big eyes and large upper lids, very different to the asian eye, with no upper lid very thin and easy to makeup. My eyes have a lot of skin and odd surface so I have learned how to draw in it and it requires a steady pulse and patience. I hope this tutorial helps the girls which are starting out or anyone who is curious to start out ;D

PD: Ignore the upper line in this pic...XD it's not part of the tuto

For this stpe you will need: Liquid eyeliner

Step 1: After aplying concealer, base and eye shadows you should start lining your upper lid. You can first start by lining the thicker part of it which should be right above your irises(part 3) make a thick line but try not to go over your crease line or you will look like a racoon, then you should proceed by making the line throughout part number 2, however this part should not be thinner than part number 3. You should end part number 2 following the line of your lashes and heading down, we dont want a cat eye look so be sure that the line points down. Line number 3 should continue from line number 1 and thin progressively until is very thin. In my case I prefer that it's not in contact with the lacrimal or else is can get very uneven with time. So stop right where the lacrimal starts ^^

For this step you will need: Liquid eyeliner,waterproof pencil eyeliner, dark eyeshadow

Step 2 and optional step: Ok so here your makeup can take two routes, I would personally suggest that caucasians or very big eyed girls choose the step on the left, or else it will look like you have a weird eye disease or something XD. 
In the left option which is the one I would normally choose, you have to draw your bottom waterline (waterproof pencil eyeliner) and outside of it (liquid eyeliner), but remember not to reach up to the end of you upper lid line.

Do you notice the red line in the bottom?

From that point on you should make the line progresively very thin untill unnoticeable.

* you should have done this before the lining, but if you lack deepness in the corner of your eyes you can bring them up with some dark eyeshadow on the corners, I swear this effect will give you a hotter result....

For this step you will need: Black/dark grey eyeshadow and white eyeshadow or pencil(optional)

Step 3: In this step you should apply black/darkgrey eyeshadow from the half of your drawn black bottom line bringing it up to the end of the upper lid line. blend smoothly, almost like making a smoky effect. This step works very easy to me, but I would suggest getting a very good eyeshadow.

*For an optional step apply white in the inner corner of your eyes, you can easily skip this step and it wont affect the shape at all, it's only your choice.


For this step you will need: False eyelashes ( upper and bottom ones) & circle lenses.

Some will think that this step it optional, but for the effect i'm going for this is a MUST!  Put those falsies on...at least the upper ones, you have tons of types to choose from but I would recomend you to avoid using them as they come like when you first bought them, TRIM 1/4 of them in a smooth round shape from the inner part.
If you have full bottom lashes, like in my case I only put some mascara (two times, wait untill the first coat is dry and the apply a second one) and TADA!! BUt if you really lack bottom eyelashes get a good pair from mac, ardell, whatever and use them...
Use circle lenses... period XD ... choose whatever is most comfortable but try to use them ^^

I'm not a makeup artist but I'm quite sure that if you follow this steps you can pull of the gyaru in you, even if your eyes are quite different from the japanese  gals ^^ sorry for the grammar mistakes

I hope this can be useful to everyone of you :*



Please do not steal drawings ... they took a while... and if you do credit them to my LJ